{Jeremy & Angela family} sneek peek

Here is a sneek peek of what's to come......


{ Baby Grayson }

Awww.....don't ya just love babies! This baby was a challenge to photograph, but to be fair, I don't think I have ever come across one that was simple. :) Once he decided to go to sleep....NOTHING could wake him up. We had to be careful cuz we would pose him and he would be so asleep he would start tipping one way or another. Oh so adorable is he! Especially in his cute little hat.

{ Fairbanks Wedding }

So this wedding was a cold day in spring which goes to show you how late I am updating my photo blog. oops. You can't tell in these pictures but I froze my buttookus off! But despite the freezing temps we got some great shots! It was really hard to get these two to look at me, what with all the gazing into each others eyes they were doing. Awww....so romantic!


{Baby Zach--3 months}

So more shots of my nephew Zach. I have decided he does not like his photos taken. :) His mom thinks he is teething already and that's why he could have been so fussy but I would be too. :) We did get a couple of his eyes open and only one smile the whole shoot and then he zonked out! But that's ok cuz we didn't get many but ended up getting some really sweet shots of him in his little hat sleeping that are just to die for. So sweet, so adorable!


{ CJ--senior }

So my cousin CJ is just to school for school isn't he!? Well with these shots we got of him he will have to chase off the ladies even more now. I think he felt so weird and awkward posing. He was like... my foot where!? and my elbow Huh!?.... and when I asked him to do his serious face he really struggled. He just kept breakin out in a chuckle. :) But most people have a hard time with that in a photoshoot. But boy oh boy did they turn out great! I had a hard time pickin my favs. And we just went in their backyard and around the house. People always think they have to go to a park but just going around in your yard or even around your neighborhood could create some really unique pics.
Oh he is just so handsome and the nicest boy EVER! I'm glad to know em. :)


{Baby Zachary-newborn}

My newest little nephew is so cute and is soooo loved by big brother! If it seems like all I shoot are my nephews it's because that's all I have are nephews to shoot. I am patiently waiting for a niece to put on here. :)
Well baby Zachary was your typical newborn that didn't appreciate being naked and hangin loose. Although when he did pee the two times it didn't hit me so that's the second part of a successful photo shoot. :D The other part is getting some great shots which we did that too. We even got some with big brother and then couldn't help but get a family shot to include the newlittle one.
Here are a few of my favs!


{ Baby Ryan }

Oh so sweet is this baby.....but I am slightly biased cuz its my nephew.
We didn't get a full shoot in cuz this little guy did NOT want to be naked gettin pictures taken. He was up there contending for the record of 'baby most being peed on by' for sure! He was sending me every signal he could to say..."stop the torture!" But even though the session was short, we got some great shots of this little cutie!

{ Zach & Kerry Family }

This was so fun.....even though it was very hard to break Zack into a smile. ;) Little Andie was so adorable and full of personality and she kept me giggling the entire time! Christian kept making up his own ideas for poses. It was too funny. What a poser he was. I see model potential.... watch out Kerry! :)


{Annie & Chris & family}

This photoshoot went great even with my love/hate relationship with the sun! It was a bright sunny day which is great but bad at the same time! Nonetheless the pictures turned out fabulous!! My other nephew Kaden was such a crackup and wanted to fly like superman for every shot! :)
We even got a few shots of hugs and kisses with Kaden and the new baby still in mommy's tummy.