{ CJ--senior }

So my cousin CJ is just to school for school isn't he!? Well with these shots we got of him he will have to chase off the ladies even more now. I think he felt so weird and awkward posing. He was like... my foot where!? and my elbow Huh!?.... and when I asked him to do his serious face he really struggled. He just kept breakin out in a chuckle. :) But most people have a hard time with that in a photoshoot. But boy oh boy did they turn out great! I had a hard time pickin my favs. And we just went in their backyard and around the house. People always think they have to go to a park but just going around in your yard or even around your neighborhood could create some really unique pics.
Oh he is just so handsome and the nicest boy EVER! I'm glad to know em. :)

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